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Our Story

Industry Compete was born from a recognised need in the marketplace for the bespoke, enterprise level data extraction and data analysis. With statistics showing that 90% of the worlds data was created in the last 2 years, the sheer magnitude of available data is staggering. What can be done with this data – that is the next big thing, that is already here!


Industry Compete provides the data analysis through Interactive Dashboards, that can assist in providing the story behind the data, that allows the information to be used in a beneficial proactive method, as opposed to being a confusing, overwhelming spreadsheet. Industry Compete is the sister company to Scraping Solutions. Scraping Solutions has provided off the shelf solutions to the market for over a decade, with a primary focus on the ecommerce and targeted international markets, including Real Estate and lead generation.


Some of the clients that have benefited from our expertise include Real Estate groups, educational institutions, online retail groups, and companies that require specific lead generation information from sources such as Craigslist, LinkedIn, or social media platforms. The calibre of the clients, and the work we have done usually results in a NDA, hence we refrain as a rule of thumb from discussing in detail client projects, and their outcomes.

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Industry Compete

Izzy Hewage
Managing Director
David Hamilton
General Manager
Chris Jakubiak
Senior Success Manager
Darren Steddy
Customer Success Manager
Craig Beaumont
Customer Success Manager
Matthew Sinclair
Customer Success Manager
Jeremy Miller
Customer Success Manager
Kristy Stewart
Customer Success Manager
Michael Attwood
Assistant Project Manager
Gayana Hiroshani
Senior Delivery Manager
Christina Platz
Marketing & Legal Consultant
Jordan Marcia
Project Delivery Assistant
Abdel Ol
.NET Guru
Macky Pacleb
PHP & Wordpress Guru
Monty Chanthapanya
UX Designer

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