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Surround yourself with smart, passionate people who takes work life balance seriously while thriving to become the best version of themselves for our clients.

Powerful growth oriented revenue driven data extraction presented in a sleek simple solution

We boast high levels of experience in data extraction solutions

With a multitude of experience safely buckled under our belts, you know you can entrust our services to take care of all your data extraction and analysis needs. We have dedicated ourselves to this business over the past nine years, educating ourselves on everything there is to know and curating a deep passion for what we do.

Our mission is to think outside the box and solve even those seemingly impossible problems, all while saving you time and money in the long run. With more than 100 online reviews about our services, we have risen to one of the top-rated agencies in the web scraping business.

Industry Compete is about getting the data that make it easy for every business to become a hero in their industry

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Industry Compete’s goal is to be the worlds best revenue centric data extraction solutions provider that makes it simple for entrepreneurs to get clear actionable revenue oriented data for their business that enable explosive growth.

Who We Are And Our Vision

We are a winning oriented team, focused on simplifying businesses ability
to understand revenue metrics from the data we provide that enable result oriented decisions to accelerate business growth.

Result Focused Video Game Clan Style Management

We have an extreme focus on hiring only A players who get RESULTS. We move quickly and constantly aim to improve how fast we work. It is NOT our job to motivate you and manage you to results. If you are a “A player” this should come on its own. Our job is to enable you to do your best work so you can deliver the best and fastest results.

In the world of online gaming, players consistently build tightly knit communities and cultures despite living all over the world, sometimes never even meeting face to face. Industry Compete is not a video game, however we believe that we can create the same teamwork and bonds that online gamers have without focusing on locations or business politics. We instead focus on creating a motivated tribe that wants to win as a team.

We focus on excessive freedom for our employees and gauge you not by the hours you work or how you work but by results you bring.

Here Are Some Of Our Unique Views On Work

Work Where You Work Best (We Love Remote Hires)

We focus on hiring A players. If you are an A player you do not need to be closely “supervised” or be forced into a physical location to be a team player. Because of this it should not matter where you work.

At Industry Compete we want you working where you are most comfortable and can deliver the most results. We have an office, but working here is optional and we love to hire remote employees as long as they deliver the high level results we expect.

Flow Fridays

We don’t want color in the lines work drones at Industry Compete. We want creative A players who are passionate about contributing and moving the team forward.

Because of this, on Friday’s we encourage all of our team members to stop working on scheduled work and instead work on their own creative projects that add to Industry Compete. In short we want you to create what ever cool s#@t your heart desires. Then team members share what they have created every Monday. This is YOUR company, and you are allowed to improve it how you see best.

Set Your Own Hours, Deliver Awesome Results

Like we have stated, “A players” do not need to be tightly managed but instead given the environment to do their best work. Because of this we want you to work in a way to allows you to deliver the best results.

At Industry Compete we have stupidly high result based expectations from our team members. We however, do not care how you deliver those results. If you work best at 2am work at 2am. If you can deliver a days worth of results from 4 hours of work, then work four hours. We don’t care how many hours you work or when you work, we only care that you deliver.

Want To Join The Team?

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Want To Be Entrusted With Challenging work

We do not hire B teamers here. This might sound tough, but at Industry Compete we will entrust you with challenging work and give you the freedom to solve it creatively in you own way. We do not want to micro manage you, we want to empower you to do what you do best better than you ever before. We can only accomplish this with A players.

Are Result Oriented And Enjoy Doing Work That Matters

At Industry Compete we believe in stay lean and getting having teams of 5 that accomplish more than teams of 50. Because of this every task you have is important. We focus on getting stuff done without fluff or office bureaucracy

Are Result Oriented And Enjoy Doing Work That Matters

If you like Star Wars, have a Family Guy sense of humor, or have ever taken joy whooping up on people in online gaming you might fit in here. We are a team that likes to have fun and part of having fun for us is winning and being better than anyone else about what we do.

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