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Business Untethered – A Beginner’s Guide to Your Home Startup

By October 20, 2018 No Comments


While the consistency of a 9-5 work week works for many, it can lead some to feel stifled by the overwhelming sense of structure. Of course, this is by no means the only reason to begin a business from home, but it does account for some of its many benefits. With that said, taking on a sizeable project such as starting your own private business can have some major pitfalls for the ill-prepared, and there likely isn’t a built-in team behind you to assist if things begin to turn sour.


What Do You Know?

One of the benefits associated with working as part of a pre-established company is the expansive wealth of knowledge accrued throughout its history. You may have experience working in a similar field to the one you are currently in, but unless you have previously been a part of another successful startup at its inception, this specialist knowledge may not be applicable to your situation.

The most common mistake that many in the business world make is assuming that truths about the market are universal, or that previous results will equate to future success (which may be quite a butchered take on a well-worn cliche, but the message is accurate). It may be true that having first hand experience of an industry will be a helpful tool, but it can just as easily backfire if you become too attached to old methods.


So, what should you do?

We would suggest studying your competitors and taking note of what they are doing to attract the audience that you so desire.

One way to accomplish this is through managed Data Extraction services, which will allow you to gather insights and analytics from these competing websites on a regular basis. The main benefit of managed Data Extraction services over doing it manually is time management, as the extraction process can be long and arduous when added to the daily schedule of your new business.

The second option is deceptively basic but tremendously valuable.

Simply go through the customer shopping process of your competitor’s websites, especially of those that are much larger than you, and see what makes them tick with first-hand experience. While doing so, take in the wordings of descriptions, the style of images used to draw in potential users, how their checkout system operates, and anything else that may be helpful when setting up your own site.

You may boast a wealth of experience in running a thriving business, but a fledgeling startup requires an abundance of speciality skills that can be hard to come by outside the figurative line of fire. However, if you’re willing to take risks, and take advice from wherever you can find it, it’s sure to be an enriching experience regardless of the outcome.