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3 Steps Toward Developing a More Prevalent Online Presence

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

From its humble beginnings as a smattering of websites in the early 90’s, or some very peculiar message boards in the mid-80’s if you want to go deeper, the online world has ingrained itself into the daily routine of individuals across the globe. This is no truer than in the world of business, as innovative advancements have led digital technologies to become an essential element in building our strategies.

With the landscape in a constant state of flux and development, it can be difficult for businesses to connect with their audience in a relevant and profitable way. However, there are some things to be considered when attempting to build upon your online presence.


The Merits of Marketing Intelligence

Marketing trends are one of the most important things to follow when attempting to build an effective campaign, as they essentially act as an instruction manual for what your targeted audience is looking for at any given moment. One of the first mistakes that companies make in regard to their audience is assuming that strategies that were effective in the past will still be relevant in the future.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Given that customer expectations are ever-changing, so too must your marketing tactics. The digital revolution has been a double-edged sword for businesses, as although it has opened up a wealth of potential platforms for audience interactions, that same audience is significantly more aware of marketing and advertisements than they were in previous generations.

This is why marketing intelligence and Data Analysis is so useful when attempting to boost your online presence; it allows you to sidestep potentially detrimental advertising mediums and focus on what your target demographic are looking to engage with.

On a similar note…


Connect With Your Audience

As it is with many advancements, if you have been given the option to connect with your audience, the expectation becomes that you will. The rise of social platforms has decimated the line between companies and consumers, giving clients an opportunity to interact with brands which, before now, would have never been possible.

If you are an established company, simply maintaining your social media platforms with engaging, relevant content should be enough to keep your online presence flourishing. However, to ensure the most exposure possible, make sure that you are promoting these platforms where relevant. This can be as simple as adding links to your website and email signature, giving existing clients a direct line to your content.


The Perks of Content Marketing

On of the fastest growing elements of digital strategies worldwide, content marketing is a fantastic way to build up your credibility as an expert in your industry, draw new potential clients to your website and boost your SEO metrics all at once. For those that aren’t familiar with the process; content marketing is, as the name suggests, utilising various forms of online content such as blogs and videos to propagate your brand.

As there are millions of individuals looking for new content on a moment to moment basis, this form of marketing is fantastic for getting you the one thing all companies are striving for: Exposure. Coupled with the obvious boons from organic clickthrough’s from your pieces to your website, there is also a lot to be said for the benefits offered for your search engine rankings.

Referred to as link building in digital marketing, the process of linking relevant keywords to your website allows search engines to more easily categorise you as an authority for these search terms.

Regardless of your industry, boosting your online presence is sure to have resounding benefits across your company.


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