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4 Ways To Outrank Your Amazon Seller Competition

Amazon is without a doubt one of the largest online retail platforms

You can find anything on the site. Apart from retail services, Amazon also offers unique monthly memberships through services such as Amazon Prime, which benefits customers primarily by drastically reducing shipping times and sometimes the overall cost of a product.

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper or even if you’re knowledgeable of the online mega mall, you’ll know that there are a ton of popular brands and models of products available for consumers to purchase. It shouldn’t be any secret that it’s quite possible to make a profit by selling goods on Amazon, through the marketing of these products at desirable prices. If you’re interested in selling goods on but are nervous of the slew of competitors selling similar items, fret not: there are plenty of effective ways to win over competition and outrank sellers that are selling items similar to yours.


Here’s A Glance At A Few Ways To Effectively Outrank Your Amazon Seller Competition.

Diversify Your Sales Endeavours

Okay, so you’ve mastered a niche of electronics and built reasonable sales from this niche. How far can you really go, however, with such a limited approach?

You’ll need to tackle this equation with a multi-faceted approach.

It’s quite simple – diversify your products!

If you’re selling gaming platforms such as the Xbox or PlayStation, expand your approach and start selling products such as additional controllers, games, and cables.

Even better, supplement game system purchases with highly-touted monitors in bundle deals. When you diversify your products you increase the chances of customers looking for different products running into ones that you’re selling.

Remember one thing: you can never diversify enough. Never stop expanding your Amazon sub-retail!


Set the Bar Higher by Offering Unique Perks

You’re probably selling your item at a great rate, but who’s to say that hundreds of other sellers aren’t doing the same thing?

Make your items stand out from the rest by offering unique perks such as warranties or shipping discounts.

Often times, demystifying some of the general Amazon perks such as buyer protection can greatly increase the chances of your item being bought. Whatever you decide to do, make your products stand out in a unique way.


Freebies Can Make a Difference

Another great way to draw consumers to your product is to offer a free accessory or helpful item when they purchase your item.

For instance, throw in an additional USB charging chord if someone wants to purchase an iPod or iPhone you’re selling. If someone wants to purchase a set of silverware from you, throw in a drawer tray for the silverware.

These freebies may seem insignificant and can cost you some extra cash. The cash will be earned back, however, when the sales of your products increase.

Freebies really can make a difference!

Think outside the box and figure out what will draw customers towards your product or products!


Automate Extracting Amazon Data And Analysis 

Amazon is a massive online retail platform and has certainly gained traction over the past decade. For this reason it can be quite a competitive market to get into and finding ways to stay ahead is important if you wish to grow as a seller.

Staying ahead of your Amazon Seller Competition means knowing what they’re selling, the prices they’re offering, and so much more.

While you can spend hours upon hours searching and compiling this data yourself, or using Amazon’s API (which doesn’t provide you with all the data you may need or want), a better alternative is to utilise a company set up to extract and analyse data which can then offer clear and concise reports to help you stay ahead